#037 | Freddie Scott II - Unlock the Champion

53 minutes

Freddie Scott II is a second generation pro athlete as well as a sought after speaker on issues pertaining to family and the importance of fatherhood.  Freddie has advocated for the fatherless children and their families for more than a decade. 

Today he serves as a certified NFL Transition Coach and part of the NFL Player Engagement Ambassador Program.  Freddie travels the country providing life skills and professional development training for NFL players (past, present and future). 

As a nationally certified counselor in Mental Health Aid and Suicide Prevention, Freddie works with the NFL’s domestic violence awareness initiatives, conflict resolution workshops and leadership training. His work has been acknowledged by the NFL Players Association who awarded him the 2013 Kenny Washington Award.

Freddie’s life goal is very simple – lead by example.  His tools to help parents and their children come not only from research but also his own life experiences as a husband, a father and a pastor.

His book “The Dad I Wish I Had” has received national attention on CNN, HLN, Fox News, TBN and family life.  And his radio show “Tackling the Game of Life” is syndicated internationally. 

To learn more about Freddie Scott, go to www.freddiscott.org or go to www.unlockthechampion.com.

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