#035 | Robert Blagojevich - My Fight for Freedom and Justice

89 minutes

Robert Blagojevich, a small business owner and Real Estate Investor in Tennessee, is the author of 'Fundraiser A: My Fight for Freedom and Justice' (NIU Press, April 2015). This gripping memoir tells Robert's side of the events that transpired in 2009, when he was indicted along with his brother, then governor Rod Blagojevich, on federal corruption charges, after serving as head of Rod's fundraising operation. They were accused of attempting to sell Barack Obama's former senate seat to the highest bidder in 2008.

In an era of heightened awareness of government surveillance and the danger of the unchecked power of federal prosecutors, Robert's book bears a vital message. Though the charges against him were ultimately dropped, Robert faced financial ruin and the destruction of his reputation in the trial, an excruciating experience that taught him about the need for Americans to defend their civil liberties and hold their public officials accountable. He hopes to spread the importance of that knowledge through 'Fundraiser A'.

Robert has been actively involved in community service for his entire working career. He was board chair of the Nashville Chapter of the American Red Cross and later board chair of the YMCA Community Action Project (YCAP) an out reach program for at risk youth in East Nashville. He was on the board of trustees for the University of Tampa from 1998-2004. In May, 2008, Robert was the commencement speaker at graduation.


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