#004 | Adrienne Langelier - The Psychology of High Performance

51 minutes

Adrienne Langelier, MA, LPC is a counselor and sport psychology consultant based in The Woodlands, TX. She is also affiliated with Methodist Sports Medicine Human Performance Team and works with athletes of all sports ranging from youth to NCAA and Olympic levels. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Texas A&M University and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Sam Houston State University. Adrienne has nearly a decade of experience using a host of research-based and effective techniques to move those she works with toward their goals, but emphasizes forming a unique partnership with each athlete or team she encounters. 

For more info, contact adrienne.langelier@gmail.com 

Twitter: @alangelier 

Instagram: adrienne.langelier 

FB www.facebook.com/LangelierSPC 

On the web: langelierspc.com 

As always feel free to contact us with constructive criticism, compliments, or ideas at: millennialmanhoodcip@gmail.com

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